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Bamboo t-shirts are incredibly soft, feel amazing to wear and really get people talking. We're an award-winning wholesale bamboo clothing supplier to some of the UK's biggest brands, businesses and events.

The Rapanui Factory specialises in supply and custom printing of bamboo clothing, most frequently t-shirts, to wholesale customers. We design and manufacture our own range of bamboo clothing which has a reputation as being as soft or softer than many blended 70:30 bamboo:organic cotton t-shirts, yet more durable. Combined with our most affordable print option, screen printing, our customers are able to get their own branded apparel with this speciality fabric, for almost the same price as a standard t-shirt. That, and a fanatical commitment to quality is why we print for some of Europes biggest brands. You can get a quote online in 30 seconds.

Wholesale Bamboo Clothing in 30 seconds.
  • Wholesale bamboo t-shirts are our most popular item. We usually screen print clients logos onto our own bamboo t-shirts, although we can source in other bamboo t-shirts to print on if requested. If you have a business, team or event that would be enhanced with custom printed bamboo t-shirts you can calculate a price online now, it takes 30 seconds.

If you are looking to order 50 or more bamboo garments with the same design, you can get a quote online.

Case Study: Parkrun
Bamboo T-Shirt

Parkrun is a hugely popular running event that is free to attend and run completely by volunteers. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event in the UK, Rapanui were asked to manufacture and print a garment with a unique sizing range and shape from a supplied technical pack.

We immediately recognised the importance of comfort and breathability for the runners and the suitability of bamboo fabric.

Whilst we normally print from UK stock, the size of the order meant that we could ship direct from India, saving Parkrun a substantial amount. The t-shirts sold out within 2 weeks and a reorder was placed in light of the positive reviews online. Parkrunners were particularly vocal online about quality, and the softness and comfort of the bamboo t-shirt.


Looking for less then 50 items? You can use our handy designer tool to order online, it couldnt be easier!

Why Choose Us?

The factory was built to meet the highest quality and sustainability expectations of Rapanui, an award-winning fashion brand that established a supply chain and diversified into manufacturing. Because of this unique position, we understand the link between brand and manufacturer more than most. If you want a wholesale bamboo t-shirt supplier that can exceed your expectations, look no further.

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If you're looking for wholesale bamboo clothing, you can get a quote online now. It takes 30 seconds.

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Turnaround Time

We keep wholesale bamboo clothing in stock, so a custom printed order can be turned around within a week providing the artwork is prepared to the correct specifications - availability of manufacturing slots varies. For a typical order, with revisions, proofs and in a busy period, we average 3 weeks from purchase order to delivery. If you are ordering wholesale bamboo clothing for an event or have a hard deadline, please let us know! We reccomend placing your order as early as possible in these scenarios: A day early is better than a day late, and we can't be held liable for any losses incurred if a delivery is delayed and you don't leave any float. Small volume DTG samples, from 1-50 items, can be designed and ordered online without any setup costs and we can print the same day for next day postage. If you are looking to place a large volume order, of over 5000 units, we will most likely ship direct from India, and this will take on average 10 weeks to delivery.

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