6 things YOU can do to get cheaper printed t-shirts

When placing an order for custom t-shirts online you want great value. We started out as a fashion brand buying tees from screen print companies just like our customers.  Because of this we have a good insight into what our customers want and how to help them get the most from ordering custom tees.

The most important thing our customers care about is quality. We don’t use a distributor and instead we make our own label shirts in India and print at our own factory in the UK. Because you order direct from us with no middle-men, we can afford to use higher quality certified organic materials and still ensure amazing value.

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A common question we’re asked by customers is how to get even better prices when they order custom printed t-shirts. That’s what this week’s blog post is all about: a few simple steps you can follow to save money and order cheaper custom t-shirts online.

1) Choose a single colour design

When you place an order for 50+ items you can create value by keeping your design simple. If you stick to a single colour it takes less time to set up the screens, mix the inks and print. This means a cheaper price. Simple designs are also often more powerful than complicated ones. Many best selling designs are just awesome slogans on a single coloured background. For maximum impact and a cheaper price we recommend thinking of a powerful message to print on a plain white tee.

2) Stick to t-shirt chest designs

In Britain chest designs outsell all other types of t-shirt designs. That’s good news if you’re looking for cheap UK t-shirt printing. Having two prints (or embellishments) on one product means twice the print cost. So whilst neck or sleeve designs might look cool and we can print them if requested, try merging your two-sided print into one – you’ll halve the print and set up cost. Chest t-shirts are more in demand and are easier to design and print leading to cost savings we pass on to you.

3) Try ordering different products

We have lots of customers who order custom prints from us to sell them at an event or in a shop. Wherever you’re selling t-shirts, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge whether one style will sell better than others.

“If you’re selling at an event, for example, it makes sense to order hoodies as well as tees. As the day wears on, or if the weather takes a turn, people buy for warmth as much for the print. That’s especially true at festivals where people dress for the daytime.”

We have thousands of different products from hoodies, sweaters, tote bags and vests in stock now – so if you’re not sure which colour or size you might need, or want to try more than one style or colour, remember you can mix and match products within one style and benefit from the volume discounts even if the colours and sizes are different, as you keep the design the same for that style.
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4) Order everything you need in one go

If you’re likely to re-order soon, we’d recommend ordering everything you need in one go so you can benefit from volume discounts now and get more for your money. As screen printing involves printing one colour at a time using seperate screens, the set up cost is a factor in pricing. By placing one big order, you can save on the set up cost – and you can take advantage of our price breaks, as the more custom t-shirts you order the cheaper the unit price becomes. Placing a larger order rather than a number of smaller ones means you also save money by only paying once for delivery.

5) Cost is the wrong word: it’s all about value for money

If requested, we are able to source basic, value t-shirts from other discount branded tees. But these products won’t have the same organic quality as our own stock. Ordering in is a bit like missing an open goal in our opinion. Organic t-shirts only cost a few pennies more per unit and your customers will really notice the difference. With certified organic tees you could see pounds in return as customer come back time after time. Plus you have less to worry about when folks ask where your t-shirts come from and what they are made out of – as a GOTS certified t-shirt manufacturer, there’s no nasties.  And when you consider how similar organics t-shirts are in price to non-organics, perhaps cost is the wrong word to use – really you’re not looking for cheap custom t-shirts, you’re looking for the best value. When you compare organic to non organic tees in terms of best value, and how you want value with a product that impresses – not disappoints – your customers, there’s only one choice.

6)  No budget? No worries.

To build a brand, people often think you have to start by ordering some stock – but in the age of the internet of things, this isn’t necessarily true anymore. If you’re selling exclusively online, we recommend looking at Teemill it makes selling t-shirts online easier and more fun. Teemill is a real-time, print-on-demand warehousing and fulfillment service that lets you build your own brand and sell t-shirts online. When you make a sale using Teemill we print and ship it directly to your customer and send you the profit at the end of the month. It’ easy to get going and gets rid of the risky business of ordering up front and holding stock. And the best bit? It’s free.

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