Custom labels in T-shirts, to do or not to do?

A frequently asked question for custom t-shirt printers is whether it is worth relabeling t-shirts? When you buy custom t-shirts online to sell as your own you don’t want the wholesaler’s label distracting attention from your amazing design.

For this blog we caught up with Jess, our expert on custom printed orders, to ask what is t-shirt relabeling, why people ask for it and whether she thinks restitching custom labels is an effective way of branding products.

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Hi Jess. We want to chat about t-shirt relabeling. What is it exactly?

Relabeling is the process of removing the manufacturer’s label and replacing it with your own custom branded label. Labels normally look like a cut and sewn-in tag in the neck lining, or a cutout label and a print inside the back of the neck. Some people add custom cardboard swing tags too.

So why do people ask for it?

It’s mostly to stand out as a brand or to feel more professional. People starting up their own t-shirt business, don’t want to have a manufacturers logo on their final product.
We started off as a fashion brand and we thought the same thing. We had loads of ideas about adding extra buttons, labels and other embellishments we thought were great chances to make our products a bit different.

Does it cost anything extra?

Yes, in money and time. Money because you would have to factor for the custom label design. Time because unstitching the manufacturer’s label and sewing on your own can take ages. Customers prefer a competitive price and a faster turnaround. Plain labels don’t distract from the focal point of your custom product – the design. At we keep it simple and use plain neck labels.

So what would you recommend?

The best way to push your brand, whether it’s a startup or well established is to concentrate on great designs, incredible photography and online presence – that’s a better way to spend your budget than on a label that the customer never sees. Amazing designs sells products. Custom t-shirt labels are further down the list. In fact, we’ve found that people don’t even notice them a lot of the time.

“Our own studies have shown that there is no difference in sales for shirts with a custom label, an inside neck print or a plain label.”


When we had plain labels, it increased profitability and reduced complexity. It was fast, easy – we didn’t need to do anything – and the time we saved helped increase the speed at which the business grew. So here’s our trade secret from inside a UK t-shirt printer instead: Save money and increase profit with plain labels, and spend your time and energy on great prints and great photos. In our experience in over 10 years of working with brands and manufacturing t-shirts, it’s the design and photography that sells the product, not the neck tag.

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