Design and order custom tote bags

We’re one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of custom printed tote bags serving everyone from start-ups to some of Europe’s biggest brands. Our tote bags are fully customisable, made from high-quality organic cotton and are excellent value. So if you’re looking to design and order tote bags for a promotion, for resale or for just for personal use, we can help you out.

High-quality prints for small and large orders

There are two different ways to order personalised tote bags. The first is the quickest: digital printing, which is best for small runs of under 50 totes. Your design is applied directly on to fabric with laser-fine precision. The ink ‘sits in’ the material and displays colour and gradients in incredible detail.

“With digital printing there are no set up fees or minimum order quantities. You can literally order just one personalised canvas bag for your weekly shop – Saving 5p a shop means this will earn itself back in no time”

Whilst digital printing is fast and convenient, screen printing is more economical for printing in bulk – it is best for large volume orders. It takes a time to set up but once it gets going it prints with a high level of accuracy and is incredibly cost-effective.

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Fully customisable tote bags

For small runs you can design online using the features in our T-shirt Studio.It only takes a few minutes to upload your artwork, photo or logo and finish it off with a couple of lines of text. For large volumes you’ll need to prepare some artwork in Vector format. Vector is a file type that doesn’t pixelate so the lines and borders will look sharp when applied to print. A simple design is easy to put together with editing software like Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator even has a handy tool called Image Trace that can automatically vectorise JPEG images if you don’t have an SVG, EPS, PDF or AI version of your art.

“95% of the world’s top brands use one or at most two colours in their logo designs, so you’re in good company if you go with a simple design.”

Bold colours and couple of lines of text are often more punchy than a design with loads of colours and gradients so a good tip is simple is often better.

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Fantastic value

When you order tote bags online you can take advantage of some amazing price breaks. For wholesale orders, the bigger the volumes the better value. There’s also some great price breaks with digital printing when you check out via our T-shirt Studio. You could save as much as 24% when you order more than 10 items than if you ordered individually.

“When you order from us you get retail quality at wholesale prices.”

Uniquely to a UK custom canvas bag supplier, we actually design, manufacture and stock our own label garments instead of going through people like distributors, agents or wholesalers. Sourcing materials ourselves means we make big savings that we pass on to you. It helps bring down the cost of using high-quality materials.

Fast print and delivery for the UK

For small runs we can print on the day of order and deliver on the next via special delivery. If you’re ordering ahead of schedule digital printing will still only take a few days max. Turnover for screen printing depends on the volume and complexity of your design. For a one or two colour design it could be as little as five working days.

“If you’re on a deadline and time is mission critical, let us know in advance and we’ll make sure your tote bags arrive in plenty of time”

Teemill organic cotton harvest

Organic and eco-friendly canvas bag printing

We only use certified organic cotton for our totes and our supply chain is audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. Organic cotton makes a higher-quality product and is better for almost everyone who works in the supply chain as well as for the end user.

“Organic cotton is soft on the skin and really durable – handy for when you’re carrying books around campus or a heavy load of shopping over your shoulder”

You can start designing and ordering your own tote bags online now or you can get a quote for your specific quantities with our quotes page.

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