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If you’re looking for custom t-shirts with your company name and logo for uniforms, promos or for events – we can help you out. We’ve printed company t-shirts for some of Europe’s biggest brands including LUSH Cosmetics, Bestival, Red Bull and Innocent.

“It’s important to have your team looking professional when they interact with customers and clients. A cool way to do that is with branded t-shirts. T-shirts are simple, affordable and bring brands to life. Your staff will love them.”

This blog is going to cover how to order company t-shirts: How to upload a logo onto a t-shirt, how to get the best value for money, and how in an age where customers expect brands to be more responsible, our modern, more sustainable supply chain can help you be part of the solution, not the problem, to some of the challenges affecting our environment and climate.

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How to get a logo on a t-shirt

There are two different ways to order t-shirts for businesses, depending on what quantities you have in mind. If you only need a handful we recommend digital printing. With digital printing you can upload files and customise them using the T-shirt Studio on our website. High-res PNG files work best you have a design with lots of detail, but you can upload a file in whatever format is convenient for you. Once your company logo or design is uploaded you can add a slogan or line of text with our text tool in a variety of fonts and colours.

“Digital printing uses laser-fine detail. If you’re printing company logo tees or sweats we know you’ll be impressed by the quality of the print”

If you’re ordering more than 50 + products you’ll want to choose a different print method called screen printing. With screen printing we ask for your artwork in advanced and saved in Vector format. Vector is a file type that doesn’t pixelate, so your lines and borders look super sharp on fabric. Converting your file and designing your logo for screen printing is a straightforward process using editing software like Adobe Illustrator (especially if you have an IT squad in the basement of your building who will do it for you). If you’re looking for order t-shirts for promotions, giveaways at a trade show or for uniforms for your whole company then screen printing can offer fantastic value.

A simple design is more striking and cost-effective

Simple designs with less colours are more cost-effective for screen print orders. Screen printing applies your design using different screens for different colours.

“What do the world’s top brand logos have in common? 95% use one or at the most two colours.”

So the less colours, the cheaper the price. And a single colour design will take less time to set up – creating significant savings.


No MOQ’s or set up fees for digital prints

Because our digital printers are controlled automatically by our software there are no setup fees or minimum order quantities. You can literally just order a single personalised company t-shirt for the boss to wear around the office and there will be no hidden charges.

Screen printing does have a small set up fee. This is because for each run we stop production to mix inks, calibrate the printers and prepare each screen. Even so, once everything’s set up it can up to ten times less expensive for wholesale orders than digital. We introduce price breaks for wholesale screen print orders too – so the more you order the better the price.



People expect businesses to be providing solutions to important issues like how clothes are made – not contributing to the problem. Our UK t-shirt printing service offers a solution for businesses who care about this stuff.

“UK businesses are now expected to act in a more sustainable way. Getting your logo on certified organic products shows you care about important issues affecting society and our environment.”

Our products are made from certified organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy-powered factory and our supply chain is audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. For businesses who want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, we can help.

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