How printed t-shirts help charity fundraising

We are the trusted supplier for some of Europe’s most worthwhile causes for a reliable supply of high-quality merchandise that’s fully customisable and made in a more responsible way. We have printed tees for organisations like Greenpeace, Choose Love, RSPCA and the Marine Conservation Society. On the internet, the power of the printed t-shirt can be a charity’s secret weapon: From increasing awareness, taking fundraising to the next level to creating an online store. Those are the topics we’ll be covering in this blog, as well as taking a look at how the right supplier can act as long-hanging fruit for charities who want to act on important issues of sustainability.


Save money on your custom t-shirt order

A good price for your merchandise means better resale value, which means more money going towards your cause. There are a couple of smart design choices you can make to maximise value: Things like choosing a single colour design over a more complex one can reduce the print cost by more than 50%. For large runs of t-shirts over 50+ items we use screen printing, where different colours in your design are applied directly onto fabric using separate screens. The less colours, the less screens, which means the less time it takes to configure the machines and mix the inks, and that creates a better price for you. Single colour prints are often more bold and stand out, as well as being more cost effective – giving you more of a profit margin to contribute towards your cause.

Choose Love black printed t-shirt

Free set up and no MOQ on digital orders

Charities often want to demonstrate their commitment to better values when choosing a supplier, but at the same time, we understand that every penny counts. That’s why there are no MOQ’s or minimum order quantities for small runs.

“Because our software automatically controls our digital printers, including the artwork configuration and print settings, there are no setup fees or minimum order quantities when you place a custom digital printed t-shirt order online.”

If you’re looking to order charity uniforms for a smaller organisation or event, you want to choose digital printing – it’s better for small runs under 50 items. It’s easy to design and order online for a professional result in full colour and photo-quality resolution. We go direct to factory to make our organic cotton products instead of buying in t-shirts from wholesalers, agents or distributors to create another saving for our customers. By going direct to factory we know exactly where our clothing comes from and how it is made, we ensure our own high-quality standard, and it leads to savings that we pass on to you. For larger wholesale orders we have economies of scale that can also help charities out: The more products you order, the lower the price.

Freebie can massively increase a charity’s reach, particularly at events. For those, we recommend using white t-shirts and tote bags. Totes are available at accessible price points and white tees have reduced manufacturing costs because they don’t have to dyed at the factory – making both cost-effective products suitable for giveaways.

A tech solution to selling charity t-shirts online

The internet is the future, and charities are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to interact directly with millions of people to aid their fundraising and awareness campaigns. Selling campaign t-shirts online is a great way to do that, but sourcing, selling and fulfilling orders used to be a bit messy. We provide a  print-on-demand warehousing and fulfillment service designed to help charities raise funds online with campaign tees that has powered some of the biggest viral charity t-shirt campaigns in recent years. It’s called Teemill . It’s easy to build your own campaign store with your charity’s branding and selling your products to your supporters. When you get a sale we print and ship directly to your supporters the same day, and send you the profits. Teemill is totally free.

“Charities often use both services, screen printing in wholesale volumes for their events, team and giveaways – and Teemill for their online fundraising.”

charity fundraising teemill laptop

Incredible quality products

Our certified organic cotton products are priced similarly to standard non-organic merchandise yet the difference is in the quality. Charities often print custom t-shirts to include in a sponsorship package for their donors. If your charity does this you’ll obviously want reassurance that the products have been made responsibly, and you might also want to ensure the quality properly reflects your organisations values. Our certified organic cotton products are durable, feel super soft on the skin and the fit is on-trend. We set out to give you retail quality at wholesale prices.

We print in the UK in our renewable energy powered factory and our supply chain is audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria as part of our GOTS certification. It’s our technology and values-based approach to our supply chain that makes it possible to offer more eco-friendly charity t-shirts at lower prices for events organisers and charity fundraisers  Whatever suits your charity’s needs, our team are experienced working with charities and we’re motivated to get the best value for money, to take advantage of better technology and supply chains that are more aligned with your values, so you can focus on doing the important stuff – raising funds and awareness for your cause.

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