Ideas for printed promotional merchandise and CRM gifts

We supply printed promotional merchandise and custom promowear to some of Europe’s biggest brands who use them as giveaways at events, conferences and festivals and to turn their staff into walking, talking brand ambassadors. In this blog you’ll find out about how custom products can raise your profile, how to create an amazing design and how choosing a certified organic supplier can turn a marketing expense into an incredible story about how you are part of the solution to sustainability, not the problem.

Stuck for CRM ideas?

Marketing your brand name, logo or tagline on your product range is a low-cost way of getting more attention on your business.

“It’s easy to scroll through or walk past an advert. A friendly person wearing your logo or slogan is more likely to capture the customer’s eye and engage with people.”

Printed giveaways and freebies work on a really simple level: Everybody loves free stuff. When you give someone a gift at work, no matter what it is, they take it home. With T-shirts people will wear them time and again. Decisions are not made at events, they are made afterward and having your brand name around is a subtle, even subconscious reminder that you are still there for your customer. If that logo is printed on a really high-quality organic cotton tee, one that people love to wear – soft enough to be pyjamas even – that quality is associated with your brand. If it’s the wrong size they may gift it to someone in their family even. Do you want to associate your brand name with all that cuddly goodness in your customers, new and old? Yes you do. So how do you order custom printed organic cotton t-shirts, and how do you make it such great value that you can afford to give them away?

screen print room t-shirts

Tee and totes

We have a range of products ready for printing, from hoodies, sweaters, vests and baseball shirts in stock now. When you’re giving away stuff for free we would recommend tees and totes. Offering a free branded tote bag with every purchase is a great way to drive up sales and free souvenir t-shirts creates a positive image. Tees and totes are also very cost-effective. They use less organic cotton to manufacture so we can offer them at a more competitive rate. When you’re giving away products as a freebie you’ll want to place a big order so you can take advantage of our large volume price breaks: The more you order, the better the price.

Keep your design simple and bold

If you’re looking to order printed promowear for staff to wear at a festival or event remember that corporate clothing needn’t be complicated. Brightly coloured text and a striking logo can often be more effective than a complicated design. If you’re ordering more than 50+ items, this could be your most cost-effective option too. When we print a product using screen printing your design is separated according to colour and applies using different screens (or plates). That means the less colours, the less screens and machine configuration, the cheaper the price.


Choose an organic supplier

We manufacture our own range of blank products that are made from certified organic cotton and they’re printed in the UK in a renewable energy-powered factory. Our supply chain is also audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. The UK public and businesses are being more and more switched on to how their clothes are made and about the issues around fashion supply chains.

“You can get a quote for your custom promowear in under 30 seconds by visiting our quotes page.”

Our products enable you to answer this with a rich response: That the products with your brand name on are part of the solution to sustainability – not part of the problem.

Turnaround and how to order online

We’re based in a dedicated printing facility on the South Coast of England and service the whole of the UK. Our turnaround for screen print orders could take as little as a week depending on the size of your order. If you have a deadline for your event, festival or conference let us know, and we’ll work hard to have your order delivered in plenty of time.

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