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We’re the first choice supplier of uni hoodies, t-shirts and merchandise for some of the UK’s biggest universities and colleges, like Cambridge, St Andrews. Our service is fast and reliable and we print fully customisable t-shirts for university societies, on-campus shops, custom team-wear for sports clubs and graduation day leavers hoodies. In this blog we’re going to share some top tips for when you order: things like preparing your design, how to place your order online and what you can do to get the best prices possible.
Uni graduation merchandise

1) How to design and order online

There’s two different ways to design your uni merch. Which you choose depends on the size of your order. The first is the quickest: digital printing, which is best for small runs of under 50 items. Putting together a personalised design for your society or sports team is easy – in fact, you can design and order online right now. It only takes a few minutes to upload your logo or add your motto, a genius pun or list of names and add to a design. If you have a photoshop whizz amongst your number, you can upload a file straight from your device.

“Placing your order only takes a few clicks and you can expect a super fast turnaround. Next day delivery to your door is available for small runs.”

If you’re ordering more than 50 items it is best to use screen printing. The best way to put together your design is using editing software like Adobe Illustrator. Screenprint art is best prepared in vector format – luckily this is the file type that most logos come in as standard, so if you’re not sure you can just send us what you have in the highest res possible. Screen printing is a more economical option if you’re ordering for dozens of people. If you want to make an extra saving, choose a single colour print design.

2) Wide range of organic products

We are one of the biggest t-shirt printers in the UK and we have thousands of high-quality hoodies, sweaters, vests, and baseball shirts in stock now ready for printing. If you need promo products for an open day or freshers fair we recommend tote bags and white tees with a single colour print: Everyone loves t-shirts, and single colour prints are super affordable if you’re looking for promo merch.

“If you’re looking to order customised clothing for your society or sports team to wear off the pitch, slopes or water (or in the bar afterwards) we offer some of the raddest sweaters, hoodies and tees around and they’re all fully customisable”

Organic materials have practical advances too. They’re more breathable than most synthetic t-shirt materials. This makes them smart pieces of clothing to chuck on if you’ve just changed out of your sports kit or to wear to and from training.

boston unversity t-shirt printing
3) Students care about how clothes are made

We manufacture our own range of blank products that are made from certified organic cotton and they’re printed in the UK in a renewable energy-powered factory. Our supply chain is also audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. UK students are switched on to current affairs and are likely to ask how their clothes are made – many really care passionately about the issues around fashion supply chains. Our products enable you to answer this with a rich response and be part of the solution – not the problem.

4) Speed and value

We print thousands for some of the UK’s top universities and colleges. For the best value for money we recommend a  simple chest print with your logo and the leaving year on the chest of a pullover or zip hood. It’s simple, pocket prints are trendy and the hoodie shape is forgiving on sizing. Using a single colour print is the lowest cost option for hoodies too. For extra flair, some people take a list of graduates’ names and use them to form the year on the back – it’s a little extra artwork but can look incredible.

“Normally our turnaround times are fast, in as little as a week for screen printing. Around freshers week and towards the end of semesters we may have many hundreds of other university groups in the schedule, so it is better to get your designs in early”

June is our busiest time for customised end-of-year hoodies. So let us know your deadline and we’ll make sure your order arrives well in advance of the ceremony.

5) Student discount

Giving discounts to students is important for any university supplier, and we do that by using some clever factory tech. Our digital printers are web-connected and only print once your order has been placed. That means there’s no set up fees or minimum order quantities for you. For big orders we also introduce price breaks.

“The more custom college apparel you order, the cheaper the price – handy if you’re ordering for a year group of budget-conscious students.”

Teemill store university of cambridge

6) Selling uni hoodies and tees online

We have a new option for unis and colleges that makes it easier to sell uni hoodies and tees for students. You can build your own online store using Teemill. With a few easy steps, you can create a place where your group can order leavers hoodies online, and have them delivered direct. We send you a percentage of the profits at the end of the month that can add to your society or team’s funds – the best part is that you don’t need to worry about taking orders or chasing non-payers, just upload your design and publish the link and we take care of the rest. Teemill is free.

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