Printing using organic materials. What’s the point?

With so much of the world’s clothing industry saturated in poor quality products, it’s important to know the source of your materials as well as the level of standard. More and more consumers are wising up to what they wear, as traceability is a hot topic in today’s media, and ‘eco-fashion’ is now mainstream.

People expect businesses to be able to explain how and why they chose a certain supplier and to be part of the solution not the problem. But at we believe that the quality and price of certified organic products speak for themselves, and are fast becoming the new norm. So what are the benefits?

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Better Quality And Longevity

By using certified organic clothing for printing, products are built to last. Our organic cotton t-shirts have a higher quality and comfort level than most other non-organic clothing. The chemicals used in producing non-organic cotton can break down threads during the growing process which can shorten the product’s life expectancy.

Protecting The Environment

Organic cotton farmers have to adhere to several strict guidelines which prohibit the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, resulting in breathable, softer and cleaner materials. By minimising negative impacts and promoting positive ones, organic cotton farmers are producing sustainable clothing without needing synthetic chemicals and other long-term environmentally harmful processes.

Maintain Your Brand Reputation

By choosing a supplier whose chain is audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria you are ensuring that every measure has been taken to guarantee the highest quality, eco-friendly garments for your consumers.

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