The advantages of using eco-friendly t-shirt printing

We are a certified organic t-shirt printer. This means that when you order custom products from us,  your products will be made from more sustainable materials in a renewable energy-powered factory that has been audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. Choosing a sustainable supplier can directly benefit your startup, brand or charity and we’ll be covering the advantages, and the affordability of organic printing in this blog.

Enhance your brand reputation

Organic cotton farming is better for the environment and the people involved. Organic agriculture does not use the same agrochemicals, the environment where it is grown is healthier and safer to work in for farmers. It also creates a better product that’s noticeably softer and higher quality.

“There’s an increasing expectation for businesses, organisations and charities to be able to explain where t-shirts come from and how they are made, and to take responsibility for choices of suppliers they work with – particularly when communicating with the public online.”

Choosing a more sustainable supplier allows you to answer this question with a rich story about contributing to the solutions in the clothing industry – not to the problem – which can enhance your brand’s reputation.

More people expect their clothes to be certified organic

We’re certified by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and the UK Soil Association. These organisations set the standard for organic materials across the world: From the environment and the way raw materials are harvested through to socially responsible manufacturing and all the way to labelling. We carry the recognised certified organic logo on our website that gives credible assurance from an independent body that when you order custom printed organic clothing from us, it has been made in a more responsible way.

Customers love the quality

Our organic cotton makes an amazingly soft and natural yarn that makes t-shirts that feel amazingly soft and comfortable to wear. They’re built to last too. The chemicals used in producing regular cotton can break down threads during the growing process which can shorten the product’s life expectancy, and that’s why many non-organic cotton t-shirts are blended with polyester in a heavier weight: To stop them falling apart. People can tell the difference straight away and this is a great opportunity for brands to take advantage of: Customers that find a great feeling t-shirt are far more likely to come back time and again, whereas a product that is lower quality won’t get the same reaction. If you want to impress the wearer or make customers for life, there’s only one choice.

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Getting the price right

The majority of UK businesses want to operate in a more responsible way but they can’t rack up unsustainable costs doing it. And it used to be the case that this stuff was more expensive,  – but better technology is changing that. We’ve invested in cutting-edge printing technology at our UK based factory where large parts of the production process are modernised and digital, meaning huge savings from efficiencies that we can pass on to our customers.

“Technology is the reason we can supply products made from organic cotton in a renewable energy powered factory at such a  competitive price.”

We also introduce things like price breaks for orders over 50+ – so the more you order the better the price. For smaller orders where you order less than 50 items online we got rid of minimum order quantities and set up fees.

You might be surprised at the difference in price between regular and certified organic t-shirts

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