Need a kids t-shirt supplier (in the UK)?

We supply personalised kids-sized t-shirts for the whole of the UK, serving everyone from school groups to some of Europe’s biggest childrenswear brands. Our children’s t-shirts are made from high-quality organic materials that are kind to skin, great value and are fully customisable. So if you’re looking to design and order kids t-shirts for school clubs, an event or to resell as part of an awesome children’s brand, we can help you out.

“We’ve supplied printed kids t-shirts for charity organisations like the RSPCA and for big events like the UK Rock Challenge.”

You can get in touch for a quote if you need more than 50 items, or for small runs or samples you can design and order custom kids tees online. We provide an easy, fast cost-effective service.

High-quality kids t-shirts

Our kids t-shirts are produced in the same way as our adult range: Organic cotton is made without any synthetic chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides. The outcome is a high-quality feel that is kind to skin and extra-soft – important factors when considering buying wholesale t-shirts for children.

“We’re certified organic by the Soil Association, part of the the Global Organic Standard body – good news if you’re sourcing for a large group of kids and want to safeguard against any potential allergies.”

Organic cotton kids t-shirts are durable and breathable so are well suited for brands, charities or events that encourage kids to get active outdoors.

Great value childrenswear

Uniquely to UK children’s t-shirts suppliers, we actually design, manufacture and stock our own label garments instead of going through distributors, agents or wholesalers. Making our own products means we make big savings that we pass on to you. This helps bring down the cost of using high-quality materials.

“When you order from us you get retail quality at wholesale prices.”

For wholesale orders of kids t-shirts over quantities of 50 you can also take advantage of some fantastic price breaks – the more you order the better the price. You can grab a quote in under 30 seconds by visiting our quotes page. There are also some great discounts when you design and order quantities under 50 items.

“Our dedicated facility is equipped with the latest digital printing tech. So best of all for orders under 50 products there are no minimum order quantities or set up costs.”

All you have to do is head over to our T-shirt Studio to put together your design. Your price breaks are then applied automatically when you check-out. You could save over 20% when you order more than 10 items than if you ordered individually.

How to design for kids t-shirts

If you need your logo, slogan or design printed onto your tees, you can fully customise them using your own uploaded artwork and a range of design tools in our T-shirt Studio.It only takes a few minutes to upload your files, photo or logo and finish it off with a couple of lines of text. For large volumes you’ll need to prepare some artwork in Vector format. Vector is a file type that doesn’t pixelate so the lines and borders will look sharp when applied to print. A simple design is easy to put together with editing software like Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator even has a handy tool called Image Trace that can automatically vectorise JPEG images and other common file types. Best of all for large orders, you can mix up the colours of so long as the design is the same.

“95% of the world’s top brands use one or at most two colours in their logo designs, so you’re in good company if you go with a simple design.”

Bold colours and couple of lines of text are often more punchy than a design with loads of colours and gradients so a good tip is to keep your design simple. Our kids t-shirts are a great fit for boys and girls up to about 12 years old. After that you may want to consider an XS adult size.

Super fast turnaround

If you need children’s t-shirts printed fast we have an exceptional turnaround time. For large orders printing could take as little as one working week – depending on your quantities and the complexity of your design. If you’re ordering just a few we can print on the same day and deliver for the next working day via special delivery to UK mainland addresses.

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