Wholesale t-shirt supply – why big brands choose us

We’re a UK-based supplier who specialises in wholesale custom printed clothing. Startups, charities, events, and teams in the UK and Europe trust us to make custom printed t-shirts and hoodies for their events or retail stock. We have a huge capacity for wholesale orders, with tens of thousands of garments leaving our factory on the South Coast per week. We’re still a startup at heart though and started out as a fashion brand ordering t-shirts for wholesale like many of our customers. That’s why we make sure the little guys get looked after too and receive the same quality service as big brands. In this blog we look at price, quality, and sustainability – and we’ll dish out some insider secrets from a leading UK t-shirt supplier on how to set yourself up to get more from your custom clothing order.

Great value prices and volume breaks

Our products are made from high-quality organic materials but our prices are similar to regular suppliers. This is down to our cutting-edge print technology and the systems that we engineer at our UK factory. Modernising the t-shirt supply chain has given us a significant speed advantage over conventional printers, reduces waste and leads to cost savings we can pass on to you. There’s also something fundamentally different about our organic t-shirts. Most regular wholesale t-shirt suppliers buy-in through a wholesaler, who buys it from a distributor who buys it from an agent who gets blank garments from a factory. We go straight to factory and design and manufacture our own high-quality blank tees, which means we can offer significantly better quality products at excellent value. To help you get the most out of your order we’ve also set up volume price breaks: The more you order the better the price.

Screen printing factory machinery

High quality materials and custom prints

Organic clothes feel super soft and smooth on the skin compared to normal t-shirts which are made of synthetic fibres like polyester. For businesses and brands that want to build an amazing reputation, that extra soft touch keeps customers coming back time after time.

“With our own warehouse stock,  in-house printing facility and quality control team we are set up to customise your products with your own artwork and ship them direct to you.”

For larger orders, we use a process call screen printing which is a professional garment printing method used by major retailers. We can screen print custom designs with exact Pantone matching, as screen printing puts down colour at a time. Screen printed wholesale tees have excellent longevity and wash care characteristics and for clothing industry professionals, it’s the gold standard in quality. For smaller runs we have one of the largest digital printing facilities in Europe. Digital printing is a new type of technology where ink is printed directly onto the garment in full CMYK quality. The inks are not as economical as screen printing which leads to a higher unit price but there is no setup cost and the artwork requirements are simple. We recommend digital printing for smaller orders under 50 units. You can print full-colour photos as standard and design and order online.

organic cotton pile folded arms

More sustainable products can add huge value

Sustainability matters in the 21st century and customers expect brands to be more responsible about their supply chains. We encourage our customers to also understand that sustainability is a great story for your audience and followers. Positive news about your brand taking meaningful action towards a more sustainable future makes choosing a more sustainable supplier a great investment. For our customers it’s a win-win to order wholesale organic products from us – you are more likely see a return on investment than regular tees and have a ready-made marketing message packaged with your order: that you’re taking sustainability seriously.

What you need to get going with your order

It’s easy to order wholesale t-shirts online using our website. All you need to get going is some vector artwork and that’s straightforward to put together. You can check wholesale prices in less than 30 seconds using our quotes page.

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