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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I have my own labels?

Don’t worry about having someone else’s labels in your clothing, all of our own products with plain, unbranded neck labels so you still have the look and feel of your brand and company, without any of the added time or cost.

When we had plain labels, it increased profitability and reduced complexity. It was fast, easy – we didn’t need to do anything – and the time we saved helped increase the speed at which the business grew. If essential, we’d recommend finding a local company who can help out on the labelling side of things.


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Can I get a sample?

Yes - we have pre-printed samples in stock available for immediate dispatch. It has a screen print on one side, a digital print on the other, printed on one of our top-selling certified organic cotton t-shirts. You can order one here

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to take a look at one of our other products, you can order blank samples via our studio here.

When you’ve checked it out, you can return it (refundable print quality sample or blank only) to us and we’ll be happy to refund you provided it’s in new condition.

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How much is shipping and where can you ship to?

UK shipping is flat rate £15 per box, which holds approximately 80 t-shirts. We can also ship almost anywhere in the world. Our quality control team inspects your order to ensure our high quality standards are met, prepares the printed products in printers folds (10 grouped in size) and neatly packed inside a quality cardboard box. 

If you sell online you may want to consider our dropship service where we pick, pack and ship direct to your customers for online brands.

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What products do you print on?

We offer a wide range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and accessories for both men & women. We've also got a wide range of colours available in kids t-shirts too.

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How much does a t-shirt cost?

We can give you a price instantly online: To do that we need a little information about what kind of product and print you would like a price for. In brief, single colour screen printed t-shirts are the best value way to go if you're looking for a large number at a low price. Screen printing works by printing one colour at a time, so if your design has lots of colours, it will cost a bit more. The setup is time consuming, but once you get going it's very low cost, so Screen printing becomes economical for orders over 50 garments of the same print design.

For lower numbers, DTG (digital garment printing) is great as there's no set up. We also have a dedicated factory that prints t-shirts, even 1 offs, at affordable prices. It's more expensive than screen printing, but it's possible to order just one or two completely customisable products. 


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Where are you based? Can I arrange a meeting?

Our high-tech printing factory and offices are based across the waters on the Isle of Wight.

The great thing about our company is that we’re based around being digital so we can do everything we need by phone & email, whichever suits you best.

However, for your due diligence, if a meeting and tour is essential, our door is always open.

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What is your turnaround time, and how long does it take on average to get shirts?

For bulk screen printing we advise leaving 4 weeks for your order to be processed, printed and shipped - including artwork proofs. We can turn around shirts in a much shorter time although rush service charges may apply. If you are ordering for an event or have a hard deadline, please let us know.

For DTG digital printing, small runs are normally completed and shipped the same day. For high volume (10,000 units or more) we can offer substantial price breaks by shipping direct from factory and credit is structured accordingly.

Please note: if you miss your booked production slot by filing a late payment or PO, your order may be rebooked at the next available slot, which may delay your order by a week or more.

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I sell t-shirts online. Can you pick and pack, and drop ship direct to my customers?

Yes, we've got a great new product for people just like you. New brands, charities, businesses and events can set up a free Teemill account, build a full-feature ecommerce clothing store and start selling their own branded products in less than a day. We print, pack and ship direct to your customers and send you half the profit.

It's great because you can focus on designing and promoting great t-shirt designs, whilst we hold the stock and do all the manufacturing and shipping. It's great because we take care of all the returns and exchanges. It's also great because it's free to setup and run. 

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How do I make the price go down?

Easy! It's not about finding a new supplier, our economies of scale, sustainability and product quality make us the best value printer in the UK. Most often price control is about reigning in design choices.

1. Reduce the number of applications or prints. Lose that sleeve print, back print and neck print, and stick with the traditional chest print area: From almost a million t-shirts printed, we've never seen a simple front print design outperformed by a tee with loads of applications on the front, back, sleeve etc. Yet they can be double or triple the cost! Keep it simple.

2. Reduce the number of colours. Screen printing works by setting up and putting down each block colour, one after the other. This means that if you have 8 colours in a really busy design, you'll find the setup cost proportionally higher with the increased complexity of the job. Simple, one colour designs that contrast well with the garment are super popular in our experience, and the price is lower.

3. Increase the volume. Much of the cost of the printing is in the setup and quality checks before printing. So increasing the order size by 10% will not increase the order price by 10%. Although re-orders are easy at Rapanui factory, it's much more cost effective to order more now, than top up later.

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What is your minimum order quantity? (MOQ)

There are no minimums, you can literally order just one item at a time. For small runs we use digital printing which is good for one offs, sampling or print on demand. Alternatively, for runs over 50 units of the same design we use screen printing which is much more economical and is better for business customers. For designs with 5 or more colours, we have an MOQ of 150 units.

This is due to the complicated set up process, which becomes economical in larger quantities. This minimum only applies to the print, you can mix and match clothing types, their colours and sizes for no extra, as long as the print stays the same.

If you are looking to order just a handful of printed tees/hoodies etc, we recommend DTG (digital printing) as for digital printing which have no minimums. Digital printing is a bit more pricey than screen printing, but it's more flexible. You can print just one unit with no setup cost using our low volume t-shirt order t-shirt designer.

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