How To Start T-Shirt Company

So you want to start up a brand or store selling t-shirts online... Where do you start?

It almost goes without saying that T-shirts are an incredibly popular purchase and they are a fun thing to make and sell. However the marketplace is incredibly competitive and it can be difficult to bring together all the different parts to make your project really work.

  • Which t-shirts do you use, are they ethical and high quality?
  • Which designs and colours work, and how do you get your art ready for printing?
  • How do you build an online t-shirt store? Do I need to code? How much are all the fees?
  • And what do I do about all the customer service, returns, storage or even the boring bits like banking and payments?

It all adds up and kills many T-shirt brands before they really get going.

It's Meant to be fun!
  • The fun in t-shirt brands is designing your products and spreading the word, watching the brand grow, the money stack up in the bank and the customer say how stoked they are with the product.


    We built a product for startup brands that uses all the best technology that we developed when building Rapanui into a multi-award-winning brand. It takes all the boring, challenging bits out of building a t-shirt business and lets you get started immediately. It's called Teemill, and it's free.

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Not looking to sell online? Why not try our handy online design tool to place an order, or for larger runs you can get hassle free a quote.

Teemill orders are fulfilled by our factory on the Isle of Wight. We print orders for some Europe's biggest brands and charities, startups and even comedy twitter accounts. Why? Great product, great service and great stores.

Designing t-shirts, preparing artwork.
Low Poly Kingfisher T-Shirt

Teemill print on demand t-shirts are made with high quality 100% organic cotton by Rapanui, an award-winning t-shirt brand.

Our print on demand service comes with our free ecommerce t-shirt store package. It means you can design and build an online store, customised completely with your branding, all for free. You don't need to be able to code.

You add your designs, and when one sells, we print and ship direct to your customer with your branding, and send you your share of the profit. Teemill is about taking the hassle and difficulty out of starting a successful brand and jumping straight in at the fun part - designing tees, promoting your store and making money.

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Bulk printing T-shirts - get a quote online now.

If you would rather build your own store and hold your own stock, you can order custom t-shirts in bulk. This means paying for your stock in advance, but you can benefit from significant discounts per item by ordering high volumes. Our factory screenprints orders from 50 to 50'000 items every single day.

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If you'd like to find out more about Free print on demand fulfillment with Teemill, or go it alone and get a quote for t-shirt printing, here's all you need.

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