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T-shirt screen printing is the best way to print a larger volume of t-shirts in the UK. Whilst there are setup charges and minimum order quantities, the price per unit is the lowest overall.

"Direct to Garment printing (DTG)" is a method which makes it possible to print an unlimited number of colours for a fixed price and with no setup charge. However, compared to standard screen printing each DTG print can cost up to 10 times more per application. Therefore for orders with 50 or more applications, screen printing is without doubt the most economical method to use.

Screen Printing T-shirts in a sentence.
  • Screen printing is the most economical way to get your design on a t-shirt. It suits designs with only one or two colours and the more you order, the cheaper it gets. Requires vector artwork.

If you have a design which has loads of colours or a gradient - for example, a photo - and are looking to order less than 50 it may be more economical to talk to us about DTG digital printing.

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Blue Screen Printed Jumper

Screen printing is the most popular professional-quality t-shirt printing method in the UK.

Screen Printing MOQ (minimum order quantity) relates to the design, not the garments. This means that you could order 50 different sizes or colours as long as the print is the same.

Screen prints are applied one colour at a time, up to 6 colours. They are best value for designs with only one or two colours, and vector artwork is required..

.AI, .PDF and similar vector art files to scale, seperated by colour layers, gets the best results.


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As experts in screen printing t-shirts, we're trusted to produce printed clothing for some of the UK's biggest brands. We have the capacity to produce 250’000 garments a week and have flexible printing methods, garment choices and minimums from 50: With our experience, we know no bespoke order is the same. If you’re a buyer for a national company, or looking to get started with a small run, we’ve got experienced team that can help make you a stress free screen printed t-shirt solution that’s right for your company.

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Why Choose Us?

Uniquely to UK screen printing companies, we also design, manufacture and stock our own label garments: We’re not buying in products from a distributor: We go direct to factory. Quality and cost savings we pass on to you, unlike any other screen printer in the UK.


And we’ve got the latest in printing technology at our purpose-built facility and have an award-winning commitment to sustainability: When you choose us as a t-shirt printing supplier, you get your t-shirt design printed on organic, sustainable materials in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory as standard.

Delivery Time

Small volume DTG t-shirt printing, from 1-50 items, can be designed and ordered online without any setup costs, and we can print the same day for next day postage. As your volumes increase, it becomes more economical to use bulk screen printing. Preparing artwork, screens and colouring takes time. We expect a usual bulk screen printed t-shirt order process to take around 2 weeks during busy times. More detailed requests, i.e. custom labelling and packaging may take longer. If you have a substantial requirement from 5000 - 200’000 garments, we will work with you closely to build a order and structure the finance for production directly at our overseas facility. Due to shipping and customs, very large volume orders take up to eight weeks to ship.

*We can print on garments from other suppliers if you like, and in most cases our economies of scale mean that we can save you a little more than if you went direct.



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How do I get the design placement right?

Our experienced team are on hand to help and recommend placements so if you’re unsure, you can trust to leave it up to us.

If you have a placement in mind, let us know or alternatively, you can mock-up your design on our studio here.


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